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15/11/2018 / Harry Browne

Two pieces from the pen of Shea Walsh

Natural Causes Number One

Inter Galactic Tasting: 
Floating around in the Space Station
Can become quite banal
There is a lack of a sense of escapism
One inventive mind had a notion
To assemble a cellar
To store the recycled urine
Label it by nationality
Then sample each
To evaluate its different quality
From time to time the Astronauts
Would congregate in the cupola
Pass the samples around
These are some of the comments
That we found
American bright cheery
With a beefy aftertaste
Russian body bouquet
With undertones of borscht
Japan austere suggestions of sashimi
Overtones of teriyaki
Canadian syrupy
Having a maple indication
Kazakhstan meaty
With indications of mutton
Swedish serious Smorgasbord sensations
Brazil full bodied nice legs
Hints of steak and Mate
South Korea good nose
Notions of Kim chi
Belgium dry smokey
With a scent of beer and Brussels Sprouts
German potent hoppy Bratwursty structured
France fragrant bouquet
Suggestions of Goose Pate
Italy lively generous taste
Tones of espresso and
Pasta Bolognese with garlic paste
Spain Serrano Ham
Indications of olive oil
Suggestions of Sherry
This simple pastime seems
To keep the whole crew merry

©Shea Walsh 2018

PS This is the list of Nationalities that were
On the Space Station up until 2016
There may be further additions in the future

Natural Causes Number Two:
Owed to Regularity
To go or not to go!
That is the question
Whether it is nobler in the mind
To suffer the sorrow and strife
Of outrageous misfortune
Or to procure the curative potion
To diminish the heartache
The thousand un-natural yelps
Take arms anon! To heal the howls
To sleep not fret enduring the
Painful pangs of those impacted bowels
With a bare bodkin the fardels loose
No more to grunt and sweat
Under a weary life
To medicate and there’s the rub
With this in mind
In the name of action
Soft you now!
Go forth with an easy mind
And a rapid reaction
W. C. Shakes
Bodkin: A large blunt needle
Fardel: A bundle
©Shea Walsh 2018

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