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27/11/2018 / Harry Browne

Coffee Economy by Shea Walsh


He was in a hotel in Rwanda
The genocide of the Tutsi people
And the Pygmy Twa had been stopped
But there was still anxiety
And apprehension that the
Uneasy peace would collapse
The United Nations and world powers
Were anxious to rebuild the
Rwandan economy
That was his mission in Rwanda
Coffee was grown there but
The management and infrastructure
To make it a viable business
Had to be built from scratch
The growing processing and marketing
Had to be organised
Experts were brought from
Ethiopia to teach about
The drying and roasting
The best coffee to grow
Was called Arabica
There is great skill needed
To blend the different roasts
Producing marketable coffee
Marketing managers
Were brought from Europe
The benefits of this effort
Were that jobs would be
Provided skills would be learnt
In a renewable resource
The workers were fast to learn
Progress was rapidly being made
A good example of this
Was the Mustache Coffee Club
They had learnt well
How to give good descriptions
Of their coffee
That made it sound attractive
He was to have a meeting
With Benjamin their representative
They ran into each other in the lift as they chatted
The lift stopped on another floor
Another Rwandan got on
Benjamin whispered to me
My God he is a Hutu
I am a Tutsi
The Hutu scowled at Benjamin
Are you a Cockroach?
And turned towards him
That was when we saw
The machete

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  1. elainereardon / Jan 16 2019 11:10 pm

    Geez; Wow.

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