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27/02/2019 / Harry Browne

Tina Irving Bio

Tina Irving nee Marshall was born in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, in 1954. She is an inveterate explorer and writer and has travelled for most of her life. She is now settled in Ireland with all the writers and poets. She has been writing articles since she was thirteen.

Tina went to school in Gainsborough Secondary Modern, and from there to the Gainsborough Technical College where she studied shorthand and typing. Her mother insisted that she learn this, and it has held her in good stead. Tina worked as a secretary in Libya for several years, before going to London South Bank University at the age of thirty eight and studied for a joint honours degree in Computing and Spanish, achieving a 2:1 in 1998. She then became a project planner / manager in the banks, pulling together projects on the banking systems in Ireland and England. In 2000 she moved to Scotland and bought a bed and breakfast with her then partner, Brian Sparks. In 2005 Tina studied for a Masters in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk at Heriot Watt University, achieving a Post Graduate Diploma as she spent too much time playing with her horses, which were the real love of her life. She can no longer get in the saddle, but sometimes helps out at the Riding for the Disabled and did voluntary work for the Citizens Advice Bureau when she moved to Ireland in 2016. She still teaches Spanish and works on projects such as the North Highland Way and the newly formed (2018) Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus.
She is an active member of both the Irish Writers Circle in Dublin and the National Union of Journalists in Belfast.
All in all, Tina loves projects and seeing them come to fruition. She is single and enjoying the life in Northern Ireland.

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