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25/03/2019 / Harry Browne

Ode to Goldilocks by Eimear Grace


(Our writing prompt was “I should never have trusted you” She said)

At the bowl of a bear

Sits the girl with golden hair

On a hard wooden chair

Would she or wouldn’t she dare

Taste the breakfast of an unsuspecting bear…

Spoon to mouth she delicately lifts

Tongue around teeth she sensually licks

Relishing the undeniable taste of morning bliss


Maybe it’s time we dig deep in our hearts

And grant forgiveness to young Goldilocks

Although she broke the trust of the bears

And messed up their beds and their chairs

She rightly knew how each day should start

With a bowl of porridge dear Goldilocks

You’ve gained my trust, ’cause porridge rocks!!


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  1. elainereardon / Mar 25 2019 9:16 pm

    What fun this is to read!

    • Eimear / Mar 30 2019 9:37 am


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