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28/05/2019 / Harry Browne

Text Message by Eimear Grace

Cassie knew she was not the intended recipient of the text message, but she also knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the subject of the message. It was sent by David, the facilitator of her writing group, but who was it meant for? With whom was he talking about her, behind her back?

She looked around at the friendly, smiling faces of her writing group… Butter wouldn’t melt… Who was it? It must be someone with a similar name to hers. ‘Cassie’ – So it most likely was someone whose name began with ‘C’. Maybe it was Clara or Carrie or… Wait a minute – Caspar! Yes! Caspar – Cassie – Easy mistake to make if you’re sending a quick, sneaky text. Now that she had figured it out, she wanted revenge – How dare they discuss her writing in such a derogatory manner! I’ll show them, she thought.

After the writing session, she went home and typed out the mistakenly sent text message and cut it out, so it would exactly match the size of the weekly prompts. She did this 65 times, as her feelings really had been badly hurt.

At the following week’s writing session, she schmoozed and mingled for the half hour beforehand, but all the time edging closer to the prompt bag. Finally she got her hands on it and carefully replaced it with her own bag of written prompts – The said text message. Upstairs in the writing room, David and Caspar were actually sitting beside each other and she sat directly opposite them in smug anticipation. David reached into the bag and unfolded the prompt and began to speak – “So folks, this week the prompt is … ‘Her poems are a load of shite’.”

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