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11/12/2019 / Harry Browne

Cartons by Paula Sweeney


CARTONS, CARTONS, plastic, plastic, this makes and creates more and more rubbish, if I don’t eat I won’t have anything in that bin.
I hate orange peels they smell nice but they create such a mess .Paper packages all tied up with string these are a few of my favourite things.
I feel I could create a Refuse sack, one with holes for bottles and cut up all the cartons in bits and that makes less waste to throw out.
Well I save my electricity I only use it if I really need it so ! am saving of energy, like music like Gavin James how am supposed to feel restless nervous I just got scared always nothing can save me now as it’s always ah yeah he is really energy where you don’t have to need the light he is the light just listen to his beautiful voice .
Think of years ago they burnt all the waste potato peels burnt in the fireplace, same with any sort of waste. It was disposed of by burning everything so we had a much cleaner environment and smoke free no smog.
No milk bottles or cartons, they were collected at the front door because everything was delivered to your door and collected every week so everything was ozone friendly, which was great. Why can’t we go back to those times? Ah now we are living in a different time. Energy is now created by the press of a button and it’s there for us ready made by the manufactures and it costs which is still going back to energy bought.
Upcycling? is it a thing of the past or the future, quality is it a thing of the past or future let’s see:
Well quality is about strength and quantity is about the cost-Price on our heads like the Celtic Tiger when we spent all our money and now when we are in need we’ve nothing even HOUSE prices have gone all out of control. Bring it back, bring it back, build more affordable housing and get homeless off our streets people need homes to bring up their children in a safe environment .

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