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27/03/2020 / Harry Browne

Violeta By Declan Geraghty


Violeta me aul flower
Me aul chum
Me best mate
Your name is like the flower but you’re definitely no shrinking Violet
A flower that comes and goes in me life
Sometimes so far out of touch for me
Growing in Spain and shooting up through the soil of that culture
And I bring you back to Dublin for holidays
Then back to Madrid again
Where the rain falls mainly on the plane
I hope you grow into something that isn’t anything like me
But I hope I will be alongside you to see most of it
At least a large part of it anyway.












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  1. elainereardon / Mar 27 2020 5:20 pm

    Well Done, Declan. > elaine >

  2. elainereardon / Jun 5 2020 3:14 pm

    Good Morning Inkies,

    After reading Amy’s piece on in the Times, you may find something interesting in this blog. Best, elaine >

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