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08/04/2020 / Harry Browne

The Beach Hawaii 1974 by Declan Cosson


Arien swam near the beach that day. It was bright and hot but Arien was deep underwater at first so his milky white skin was shielded from the direct rays of the sun.

For a merboy native to the Atlantic, Arien felt as if he was sweating during his trip around the Pacific. He was afraid that if he poked his head above the water, he burnt to a crisp by the sunlight.

By now, the sun was beginning to set but the waters were teaming with all sorts of life, mainly colourful fish and bright red crustaceans.

Arien and Delphi swam further towards the foreshore but Delphi remained in deep water, keeping his distance from the beach so that he wouldn’t beach, something that was considered the worst fate for an aquatic mammal. Arien saw two small legs paddling in the water. There were two larger legs in the water as well, so obviously there were humans above the surface.

Arien tried to peek his head above the water but then he noticed a shark swimming towards the two humans.

Although Arien figured out that it was nothing more than a black tip reef shark, it was obvious that the humans didn’t know that because the two smaller legs were paddling, hinting that the human calf was struggling in panic.

Seeing that this panic could lead to the human struggling and drowning, Arien swam up towards the calf, grappling the young human boy in his arms.

However, seeing that he was in Arien’s milky white muscular arms, the calf panicked as he called out for his Dad. Seeing that he was frightening the calf, Arien tried to calm him down and then let him go back to his father. The boy turned around, scampering back to the shallows once he saw that Arien was there. He seemed to be afraid of Arien

As he looked at the boy, Arien noticed that the boy was practically a smaller version of Alec. For the boy was already starting to inherit his parent’s good looks. This included oak brown hair and sapphire blue eyes.

He then heard Alec’s voice call

“Bruce? Oh God, there you are.”

Looking up, Arien saw Alec in front of him, lifting Bruce in his arms and soothing the boy. Both were panting in exhaustion. Neither Alec or Arien were expecting to encounter each other when they came to Hawaii. Alec asked

“What the? Arien?”

“Yes, it’s me, sorry for scaring your calf, he was in the risk of drowning. Mainly because he freaked out over a black tip reef shark. They’re harmless.”

“Come on, Arien, how was he supposed to know that, all we knew was there was a rectangular dorsal fin. Not exactly an obvious sign of what shark species it is.”

Bruce looked at Arien and then looked at the water where he could see a giant dark shape that was shaped like a tail.

He asked

“Dad? Is he a mermaid?”

“Don’t be scared, Bruce, his name is Arien, he’s their prince, and I helped him retrieve his Mommy from the bad guys.”

What surprised Arien the most was how quickly the boy took that fact in because most humans burst into laughter when they heard mermaid or merman in this era. He even remarked

“He took that in pretty easily. Most people don’t even believe we exist.”

Alec then said

“Well you know, for poor little Bruce, when you are baptized a Christian, abducted by greys, Merpeople aren’t that hard to take in.”

“Abducted by what?”

“Greys, a form of alien, star people, often nasty, blood thirsty and sadistic. What certain aliens do to humans makes human labs of experimentation look like the blue fairy’s blessing upon Pinocchio.”

Arien looked oddly. But Bruce smiled at him. He was glad that a much nicer form of mythical being existed. A paranormal creature that was benevolent and protective was certainly more pleasant to learn about.

However he noticed the beach ball which Alec and Bruce were playing with floating away and he said

“Dad? The beach ball is floating away!”

“Oh, What?”

Alec went pink with embarrassment as in order to retrieve Bruce, let the beach ball float off. Curious at what they were looking for, Arien asked

“What is it?”

“You didn’t happen to see a beach ball float off somewhere?”

“A what?”

“A beach ball, Arien, a sphere that you toss around for fun. It’s a human thing.”

Fortunately, they heard a squeak in the distance that lead them to turn around and see Delphi approaching with a beach ball. The one that Alec lost. Passing it to the Harkers, Delphi went splashing around.

As his father let him back into the water, Bruce then caught the ball asking

“I like that Dolphin, what does he want?

Arien gave a quirky smile asking

“What do you think? What a dolphin seems to always want to do with a humanoid, he wants to play. His name is Delphi.”

Arien then asked

“Alec? Where’s your mate?”

“On the beach, she doesn’t swim.”

“Why not? Thought you humans loved swimming!”

“Yeah, she’s never set foot in the ocean since the age of three. All due to one word: Jellyfish.”

Further up the beach, Anna was sitting down under a tree. She never went swimming in the ocean since the age of three because she developed a skin rash at a young age due to having the bad luck of bumping into a jellyfish while swimming. As a result, even when the others went into the sea, she never went in. Instead she just sat by a tree, reading a book. She had a towel covering her lower body.

Her bright blue eyes kept their focus on the book. Her eyes were so focused on her book that she didn’t notice that the infamous shark hunter John Redgrave was right behind her.

His skin was bronzed by the sun and his coal black hair was curly and matted, having the look of a hero from Lord Byron’s poetry. As a result, he was quite a contrasting sight from the smoother tidy appearance and beardless look  that Alec had.

He had a muscular body that looked like something out of Greek legend and he plunged both a barbed harpoon and a surfboard into the sand as he looked at Anna.

Already captivated by her slim waist and her long wavy locks of golden hair that reached beyond her waist, he approached Anna while looking at Alec and Bruce. He took a cigar and smoked it while asking

“He looks pretty boring, doesn’t he?”


Anna was still focused on the book so Redgrave knelt down beside her and waved his cigar near her eyes, causing them to sting, she coughed and put the book down. She stood up. As her eyes watered from the smoke and Redgrave remarked

“The product of a dull stale tired bed, a son from a tribe of fops, he has the right looks for sure but he sacrifices his charm for his honesty. Pathetic.”

“Hold on, are you speaking of Alec, Alec is my husband and he is the finest man I ever knew!!”

“Well he must be boring, after all, you’re reading books!!”

“What’s wrong with that? I like books, who the hell are you, anyway? What do you do for a living?”

“My name is Redgrave, John Redgrave, for your information. And I kill sharks for a living. Intend to do so till no shark remains!!”

“Yeah, sorry, I’m not exactly interested in killing animals. Now goodbye, Redgrave.”

Anna stood up, hoping to get away from Redgrave because she could almost immediately sense his predatory nature.

Anna was in the process of walking off when Redgrave suddenly grabbed her by the arm and started to sniff at her hair. Anna started to scowl asking

“What are you doing?”

“I can guess from your flowing smooth wavy locks of hair and your  thin body that you are an actress. Is that true?”

“Why does that matter? I was an actress, and I’m married to an ace.”

Anna’s heart thumped as he said to her

“Oh even better, I love a sweet vain actress who gains her immense wealth through her beauty!! Yes, nothing suits a golden hearted girl than a brooding boy, I love models and actresses, I love to fuck them!!”

Anna grew pale, she couldn’t hold back and she slapped him. Although it merely caused Redgrave to chuckle, it was enough to help Anna to wriggle out of his grasp and escape. She ran to find Alec, not wanting to be left alone with a creep who had obvious intentions for her.

Meanwhile the black tip swam by the rocks where a large colony of sea lions. Seeing the shark’s dorsal fin, the sealions started honking loudly in despair.

Hearing the honks, Arien chuckled before bursting into laughter. Curious, Alec asked

“Arien, what is so funny? The sealions?”

“It’s even funnier when you understand their language. They are crying out for a deliverer to deliver them some fish and deliver them from sharks, poor black tip, everybody overreacts when he swims around.”

“Deliverer? Sea Lions and seals are religious?”

“Yes, it’s not a bad thing, I mean we’re religious, but they take it to a whole new level. They even have cantors in their colony to lead the singing.”

“So who’s the deliverer?”

“This is where things get pretty funny, their deliverer is an orca named Max.”

The three laughed, finding the concept of seals worshipping a killer whale funny. Delphi looked oddly but he just observed from afar. Delphi, unlike Arien, couldn’t go too far to the coast without fear of beaching, he seemed to be baffled at what the three humanoids were laughing at, for he saw nothing funny about the seals, that Orca protected them and so .

However when Anna’s voice cried out


Everyone stopped laughing and Alec rushed out towards Anna. Bruce stayed in the water near Arien for safety in case something was going to happen.

Alec was fully soaked as he rushed towards a panicking Anna and embraced her. He tried to calm her down, asking


“Oh Alec, it’s horrible, he thinks you’re boring, he thinks he deserves me!!”

“He, who?”

“Redgrave. John Redgrave. Whoever the hell he is. Alec, I’m scared.”

Alec tried to calm Anna down as she learned her head onto his chest.

He asked

“Redgrave? Him? How did he know we were here?”

Arien, surprised by this asked Alec

“Who’s Redgrave? Do you know him?”

Hearing what his father just said, Bruce also asked

“Daddy? Who’s this Redgrave? Is he a bad guy?”

Turning back, Alec responded

“The school bully in my year, he rose to be the most popular student in the year after I failed a Math test. All the girls turned from me to him. Don’t worry, come here, Bruce.”

Alec knelt down and beckoned Bruce over. Bruce ran over to Alec and clung onto him.

Arien couldn’t stop looking at Anna. It was the first time that he had seen Anna, and indeed, it was the first time he had seen a human woman up close. For a while, he gazed at her, for it was hard for Arien not to be captivated by her sleek shape and her flowing golden hair. That being said, Arien kept his distance, for he saw the gleaming ring around her finger which looked much like the one Alec had on his. This, as Arien understood, was a sign that the humans before him were a mated pair. However, when Anna turned around, Arien floated back from the shallows

Noticing Arien in the water, Anna asked

“Who’s that?”

“Relax, honey, it’s only Arien, a friend.”

As she approached Arien, she knelt down. The shallows surrounded her feet as she looked at Arien. Noticing the dolphin shaped tail underneath the water where Arien floated, Anna asked

“Is he a mermaid?”

Before Arien could respond, a flying harpoon came flying through the air. Arien, seeing the harpoon head for Bruce and Alec, immediately burst out from the water to get Bruce out of the way. It would have probably jabbed Bruce had Arien not got Bruce out of the way and onto the sand. Anna went deathly pale as that grizzly yet charming voice called out

“Calling him a merman is more appropriate. But since you are a blonde and a model, how can we be surprised?”

Though Bruce, thanks to Arien, was left unscathed by the Harpoon jabbing into the sand, the sheer shock of it happening was enough to make Bruce begin to whimper.

Anna, paying no attention to Redgrave’s mockery of her, knelt down by the shoreline to pick up Bruce while Alec approached Redgrave. Redgrave asked

“Well? You’ve been in the water, pretty boy, any sharks to kill?”

“Don’t play games with me, Redgrave! What do you want with my wife?”

“I want to make life more interesting!! And nothing does that better than the pretty girl with the golden hair and blue eyes.”

“Interesting? Interesting for whom, you? She’s my wife. I’m not letting you add her to a long line of whatever you do with them.”

Redgrave burst into laughter and asked

“What do you watch these days in your past time. I guess you’re watching Cinderella by the sounds of it? Real life doesn’t work that way, Alec. What do you know of sharks? That’s a topic boys should be interested in!!”

Alec smirked and responded

“Actually I’m interested in killer whales, that’s a topic, men should be interested in. Whales are more virile because they are brave, faithful mates and they would stomp a shark with ease.”

Redgrave spat as he walked towards the shoreline. Noticing the cross around Alec’s neck, Redgrave remarked

“You’re missing out boy! Your God knows how to spoil the fun for men!”

Redgrave then shoved past Alec but Alec barely flinched.

Seeing Arien, he asked

“Where are the sharks? Wherever I go, a shark dies!!”

“Only a blacktip, not worth killing.”

“Hah, that’ll do, you are merman, to kill a shark is the rite to manhood among your species! So help me kill the shark and you can claim to be a man!!”

“Glad you got something right about my species. But to kill a harmless shark like a black tip or a whale shark is an act of cowardice. Do you intend to eat this shark?”

Redgrave, grasping the harpoon and kneeling down to face Arien announced

“The funny thing is, is that I don’t just kill sharks, I gut them!! I skewer them with a harpoon, I cut their fins off and toss the worthless carcass into the sea!! Then I sell their fins to the black market. The Chinks love it when you give them shark fin soup!!”

“What a waste!! And you do this to harmless sharks no less. You insult Neptune. You defile the effort of the Gods whenever you butcher a harmless animal for sport.”

“Fuck Neptune!! I will not let a fake sea god dictate my fucking life!! Now tell me where are the fucking sharks? Tell me quickly!”

As he shouted this, Redgrave pointed his harpoon at Arien, only for Arien to grab onto the harpoon tip and push to weapon to face into the sand, he remarked

“You’re going to need to try better than that, Redgrave, I downed Soviet submarines only a few years ago!”

Anna sighed, and realising that swear words were going to enter the conversation, she picked up Bruce and started to walk away. She felt that a four year old boy didn’t need to hear about this gruesome topic. She already started to despise Redgrave and didn’t want her son anywhere near him.

Alec approached Anna and asked


“I’m taking Bruce back, he doesn’t to be near this savage! I don’t want to be near him either!”

“Yeah, lets go.”

As Alec and Anna walked off, Redgrave then walked after them saying

“No, no, she is not going anywhere until I get a good k….”

Enraged, Alec pushed Redgrave back saying

“Enough!!! This bullshit is making her uncomfortable and it has to stop!! I’ll make it stop if necessary!! I’m not the schoolkid who failed his maths test anymore, I’m in the fucking military!! Go back to all those school girls that swooned over you!!”

Redgrave backed off but he spat at Alec. Undaunted, Alec walked off and followed Anna. He said to her and Bruce

“Come on, honey. We don’t him in our life.”

Arien swam off with Delphi, hoping that the black tip had swam away. Redgrave jabbed his harpoon back onto the sand. He yelled out to Arien shouting

“Aye, merman! Come back here! I’ll reward you handsomely if you kill me a shark!”

Arien surfaced and looked back saying to Redgrave

“My people have no need for money! I’m not wasting my time with you!”

Redgrave sighed.  As he waited for a shark to pass by, he said

“What a boring couple. Always more fun when you have many.”

He smoked his cigar again.


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